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Why use a Tay Valley Design professional Designer

Using a graphic designer should have the same thought process behind it but very often people decide to try and undertake their design projects themselves…

After firing up Microsoft Powerpoint or even worse - WORD - and downloading some clip art they start to put it all together. After a few hours of getting to grips with the application it becomes clear that their limited design skills aren’t producing the results they desire and they end up racking their brains trying to figure out why the leaflet doesn’t look professional.

The harsh truth, more often than not, is that it doesn’t look professional because it hasn’t been professionally designed.

It’s incredibly common for everyone to think of himself or herself as a great designer. It’s natural; we all want to be creative. The reality is, however, that you stand a far better chance of complimenting your brand, saving heaps of time and ending up with something that is effective (rather than something destined for the bin!) by instructing a professional designer to undertake your design briefs.

As a design, print and print management company, we see a lot of artwork! It’s always immediately obvious which artwork has been created by a trained and talented graphic designer. This doesn’t just mean that it looks nice or that it’s colourful. As you will find out by reading on, there is far more to design.

So what is it that makes graphic design so important? We have listed a few points below for you to consider…

1. Get More Conversions

This is the most important reason you should look to use a talented Graphic Designer. A graphic designer will not only make your design look nice, and more appealing (and therefore attract more attention) but they also know what do to with the design to help it convert. This could be a well-placed ‘call to action’. It could be the removal of some content if there is too much text. It may even be that they find a killer image that just can’t be ignored and grabs people’s attention.

2. Save Time

Trying to put together a decent design may take you many hours, and at the end of it you might end up with something that is at best, pretty average. As a business owner your time is the most precious resource you have, use it doing something you KNOW you are good at rather than trying to find out if you can become a graphic designer. Leave it to a professional and you will end up with a design you can be proud of too.

3. Make More Money
5. No More Stress

You are busy, and you certainly don’t need the added stress of trying to become a creative guru. Trying to learn a professional design package such as Adobe Creative Suite takes YEARS of experience and patience and even after that you may still lack creative vision and flare. Before long you may find that you have wasted an entire day learning how to design which means the other tasks you had planned that day still haven’t been ticked off that never ending to-do list.

6. Design Better – Print Better

By using a graphic designer you can relax knowing that the print quality will be spot on. Tay Valley Design will ensure that the file is ‘print-ready’ so that all of the text and images print perfectly. If you jump straight in and try to design your leaflet, flyer or brochure yourself, the chances are that even if you have a good creative eye, you probably don’t know how to set the files up for print. You will end up with low quality images, text with jagged edges or worse, a pixilated logo unless you know how to supply files to a printer that are ‘print-ready’.

Notice the headline isn’t “save money”. There is no way a graphic designer can SAVE you money. By definition the service will cost you something. However, there is a more important equation and that is your return on investment. If you are planning to order 10,000 leaflets and distribute them around your local area what you should be aiming for is to get the best return possible. Deliver 10,000 poorly designed leaflets and they will end up in the bin. Craft an engaging and effective design and your conversions will go through the roof, ending up in a more profitable campaign with higher conversion rates.

4. Consistency

Your brand is valuable to your business, but it only works when it is consistent. If your logo continually changes colour, shape, position or all of the above then you are costing yourself money. Brand recognition is an essential part in attracting and converting new customers. If every time you send them something it’s different, how much confidence is that building for them about your brand? Not much. Familiarity is what drives peoples confidence to engage with your brand, over time they should get used to seeing your brand and associate them with it somehow. But they can’t do this if it is inconsistent. Here at Tay Valley Design we will keep everything consistent for you ensuring you have a slick brand.

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